Transfers to Tajikistan 0%

Transfers to Tajikistan 0%

Oson mobile application provides fast and reliable money transfers without unnecessary papers and queues. You can send money at any time of the day or year directly to a card or bank account. Download our application in the App Store and Google Play or make money transfers directly on our website.

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Main conditions
• Transfer money from card to card online around the clock, seven days a week.
• It is possible to transfer funds between cards issued by any Russian bank and any cards of the International Bank of Tajikistan, as well as any Korti Milli cards of any bank of Tajikistan.
• Transfer rate: in 100% of cases, money is credited instantly.
• Transfer fee is 0%.

Advantages of the Oson money transfer application from card to card and card to account:
• you can transfer money from card to card online without visiting a bank branch;
• without filling out paper documents;
• the ability to send a comment (for example, with a full name or order number);
• repayment of debt on any loans of the IBT;
• money transfer to relatives and friends;
• replenishment of another payment card, even another bank (Korti Milli);

To transfer between cards, you must specify:
• sender card details - 16 digits of the card number on the front side, expiration date (month and year) and CVV code of the sender card (3 last digits on the back of the card);
• recipient card number;
• amount of transfer;
• the sender card must necessarily support 3D secure technology;

Transfer receipt
If you want to receive a receipt for a money transfer, enter your email.
Immediately after the successful completion of the transaction, an electronic receipt will be sent to it.

Transfer Terms and Conditions
The payee will not have to go to a bank to receive the transfer - the money will be credited directly to his payment card online about which he will be immediately notified by an SMS from the recipient’s bank if he is subscribed to the SMS banking service.
Card-to-card transfers are available to customers of all Russian banks.
Card-to-card transfer is available on all Korti Milli cards.
Transfer can be carried out on Visa, UnionPay cards of the International Bank of Tajikistan.
Recall: CVV-code is the last three digits on the back of the card next to the place for signature. If necessary, you can specify a short comment that the recipient will receive in an SMS from his bank.

Transfers for registered customers
Benefits of transfers for registered customers:
• You can transfer money online to registered cards (to avoid the hassle of entering them every time);
• Transfers can be made from registered cards (to avoid the hassle of entering them every time);
• View translation history for any period;
• Print receipts for any transaction in the history.

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Information Transfer Terms

I agree for the Bank to process all my personal data specified in the contract by any means, including third parties, reproduction, electronic copying, depersonalization, blocking, destruction, as well as the above processing of my other personal data obtained as a result their processing, with the aim of:

  • conclusion of a universal agreement with the Bank;
  • issuing, servicing bank cards;
  • creating information systems for personal data of the Bank;
  • insurance of my life / health / property and other insurance carried out with the assistance of the Bank or in favor of the Bank and / or in connection with the conclusion of the contract;
  • as well as for any other purposes directly or indirectly related to the issue and maintenance of bank cards and the offer of other products of the Bank, and sending me information about new products and services of the Bank and / or its counterparties.

I agree for the Bank’s counterparties to process all my personal data available to the Bank and / or the Bank’s counterparties, including for the purpose of informing me about the services of the counterparties, as well as to the processing of information about subscribers and the communication services rendered to them (in case of if the Bank’s counterparty is a telecom operator) in order to assess the likelihood of my solvency in the future to decide on the issue of a credit card.

This agreement is given for a period of 15 years, and in the event of its withdrawal, the processing of my personal data must be stopped by the Bank and / or third parties and the data is destroyed subject to termination of the Agreement and full repayment of the debt under the Agreement no later than 1 (one) year from the date termination of the Agreement.